New Spare parts

We import I.A- from Eurocambi

Eurocampi – New spare parts

Uhrenholt Lastvognsreservedele A/S is an importer of Eurocambi parts

New spare parts i.a. from Euroricambi:

  • Transmission parts
  • Rear axle assembly parts
  • Bumpers
  • Cabin parts
  • Cardan parts
  • Steering gear parts
  • Stabilizer socketsBoggie parts
  • Tandem-axle parts
  • Spring, bolts
  • Sockets
  • Hubs

We have a big storage of spare parts for trucks!

Our store is operated by an efficient storage system. We will always give you a quick response if we are able to deliver the correct spare part.
Our storage system is very flexible in order to search different numbers and parts. That make things easier for our many customers and guarantee an optimal service each time you contact Uhrenholt Lastvognsreservedele A/S.

It is important for our customers to get the correct spare part at appointed time without mistakes and wasted cost and loss of earning for both our customers as their customers. Call Uhrenholt Lastvognsreservedele A/S – whenever you want a new, a renovated or a second-hand spare part. You will get a firm price on the spare parts you demand. Right after receiving your order, the spare parts are shipped to your workshop or garage.